Start Video Consultation Session

This page is used to test that the technologies / media devices is working!

Ensure that your web browser supports video consultations

Grant permission to your browser to access your webcam and microphone

On desktop, Video Consultation performs best with the latest version of
google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Using other devices

  • For Android tablet's web browser, update the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. Video Consultation in iOS tablet's web browser is not currently supported
  • If you are using a smartphone, download the app, available on Google Play (Android 4.1 or higher) orApp Store(iOS 6 or higher)

Note: This page only checks the accessibility of your webcam and microphone from this browser.

Check the quality of your internet connectivity

Find out your internet connection speed and network compatibility

Your current Internet connection's download speed is

  • Performs best on a WiFi or 4G enabled network
  • If you encounter an issue during the session, close the browser and restart the consultation again

In case your firewall is blocking the video consultation service, please allow access to start the session